Open Call: Send us your fashion editorial for a chance to be published in RevisteLaCalle 10, the anniversary edition

Open Call: Send us your fashion editorial for a chance to be published in RevisteLaCalle 10, the anniversary edition


2016 marks the fifth year since the first publication of our beloved printed magazine RevisteLaCalle! In order to celebrate big, we are opening a new call for you to participate in the contest Fashion Editorial RevisteLaCalle, so any fashion lover around the world can become part of our anniversary number. If you’re a photographer, designer, producer, design student, model, make up artist, or just an enthusiast of fashion, we invite you to create your own photo shoot and participate for a spot in RevisteLaCalle 10. 

In order to participate, you just have to:

-Create a fashion editorial of the topic of your choice in minimum 8 pages.

-The editorial should be filed under child, male or female form and it has to be sent to, under the subject “Fashion Editorial RVLC10″.

-For fashion editorial you should understand images that illustrate a set of clothing and accessories in a particular scenery, telling an original and creative story. The clothing catalogs or lookbooks do not fulfill this requirement and therefore will not be accepted.

-The deadline to submit the fashion editorial is until the 4rth of march2016.

We will receive images from anywhere around the world, as long as they are unpublished and have not been printed in any platform. This includes social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and any other printed or digital format publication.

-In addition, you must state the name of the publisher, a conceptual text describing the editorial and all the credits of the makers (photographer, producer, models, makeup, hair, clothing brands and junior staff).

-Once you sent the photos, we will have absolute right over them for publications.


How will we choose the winner? A jury composed by members of VisteLaCalle will decide which editorial will be published in RevisteLaCalle 10. Each contestant must send 8 images, as minimun, but it is left to the jury if the final publication will print 8 or 6 photos. The winner production will appear on RevisteLaCalle 10, which will be published during the month of April 2016, with all the respective credits.

When you send us your pictures you must attach the following information:

-Name of the sending Publisher:

-Date of birth of the sending Publisher:

-Name and titles of the team:

-Address, City and country:

-Concept of the editorial:

-Assurance that the editorial has not been used for any previous publication.




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