Open Call: Send us your own fashion editorial for a chance to be published in Reviste La Calle 6

Open Call: Send us your own fashion editorial for a chance to be published in Reviste La Calle 6

Girls and boys from all the over the world, we have an incredible opportunity for those who are really into fashion and want to be published in a collectible magazine. We have organized specially for you this open call for the sixth issue of our paper magazine, Reviste La Calle, that will be launched by the end of November. In every issue, we featured fashion editorials with talented and enthusiatic people. Now it is your time to be part of it!

If you are a photographer, fashion designer, stylist, student or simply a fashion lover, we invite to create your own fashion editorial. You can choose any topic you like and it could be a male, female or child’s editorial. This is a unique opportunity, so don’t waste it up!

The judge will be the whole Viste La Calle’s team, which will decide what editorial will fe featured in a 8 pages publication in Reviste La Calle 6, with all the credits. You have a little more than a month to complete this fashion editorial and send it to us to [email protected] under the subject “Fashion Editorial RVLC6”. The deadline to send the pictures will be midnight October, the 10th.

We will receive your works form all over the world, but it MUST be an unpublished and original fashion editorial, never seen before either on a web site or a paper magazine. Also, plus the images (8 minimum), you need to send us the name of the editorial, a little text that describe it and the credits (Ph, Stylist, Models, MUA, Hair, Labels, assistants, etc). Once we got your pictures, we will have the copyright of them and we could publish them anytime.

With the pictures, you must attach the following info:

Name and date of birth of the one who is sending the fashion editorial:
Names and positions of everyone in the team:
Adress, city and country:
Concept behind the fashion editorial:
And a coommitment that the fashion editorial has not been used before in any publication:



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